Serving our clients is our priority!

Client relations is what we do on a daily basis

Our clients are at the heart of our concerns. To provide clients with information, with solutions, to reassure them at each stage in our business relationship, to listen to what they have to say and to reply to each of their questions: these are Tippagral's missions. Our sole and single aim is to fully satisfy clients as regards all criteria!

We deliver more than 1,000 tonnes of cheese every month !

Each month, at our new automated factory located in Burgundy, France, we process and produce in excess of 1,000 tonnes of cheese, which is then shipped worldwide. Emmental, mozzarella, cheddar, edam, gouda and mimolette...grated, blocks, small slices, finely-diced cubes and mini-cubes – Tippagral supplies these products in different formats, within very short lead-in times.

Always one step ahead

Being one step ahead of the competition does not mean getting things done more quickly than other companies, but rather being ahead of the curve, seeing trends and shifts in the zeitgeist coming, sensing moods and developments in markets, and thus adjusting our business and its production facilities to cater to these factors, and training Tippagral men and women to deal with change and to come out victorious against the competition.

The world is our oyster!

Tippagral ships its various cheeses (1,000 tonnes per month), obviously to clients in France and in the rest of Europe, but also to clients based in Asia, to the UAE, to Northern Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, to Singapore, to South Korea and all the way to New Caledonia! Each year, after being canvassed by our international staff, three new markets discover our cheeses and our formats (our cheeses grated, our cheeses in blocks, in small slices, in finely-diced cubes and in small cubes) and start to enjoy Tippagral-style product quality and service.

Our business is future-driven

Tippagral has more than a century of experience in dairy products. It now carries out R&D in order to come up with innovative products and marketable IFP (Intermediate Food Product) solutions.

We work hand-in-hand with Mother Nature

A sustainable production approach

Being part of a sustainable way of life is one of the things that drive our business forward. Because we engage with our markets and because we are fully aware of our markets' requirements, we implement a sustainable production approach. By focussing on these values, we will provide you with full satisfaction.

Practices which are respectful of the environment

The goal of Tippagral is to build a sustainable environment within its business model. Our environmentally-friendly practices include positive actions in relation to energy use, transport, water treatment, the use of raw materials and the management of packaging and packing materials.

We are a business on a human scale

Johan FOIRET Responsable Logistique
Oisin MORRIN Directeur Général
Philippe PLATON Directeur commercial et marketing
Delphine VERPAUX Comptabilité
Angelique BEUDET Service commandes
Laura LENET Contrôle crédit
Gaelle MEYER Responsable qualité
Daniel FERNANDES Responsable approvisionnement
Responsable adjoint production
Philippe BERNARD Responsable production
Our people are very committed to their work and to their business and they demonstrate how efficient they are on a daily basis. 
They thus receive a share of profits and contribute to strengthening the company's values. 
Tippagral's people are its real assets!

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